Festival Season

It’s the summer season and there is only one thing on everybody’s mind…. Festivals. Dynamic Production Solutions has been involved in the production of many festivals throughout the summer season. Looking back at some of the favourites the team can’t help but get a nostalgic by the memories. After all, it’s not just a job, it’s a lifestyle.

Contra Pop 2016

Located on Ramsgate Beach, the title suggests it’s not a normal festival. Comprising of alternative pop, experimental and other stuff, this festival is certainly different.

The DPS team have supplied Contra Pop with their technical solutions for 2 years running. In that time the location has changed dramatically.

There are challenges involved with working on sand, for one the load in access is terrible, flight case wheels don’t work on sand. Sand gets everywhere. Staging legs tend to sink if the stage isn’t built level and the legs supported properly with packing. Sand gets everywhere. It’s tiring walking on sand let alone carrying things across it. Sand gets everywhere. To top it all off, sand washes away, this is where the dramatic change in location comes in.

The venue position hadn’t actually moved since the previous event, it had sunk. The sand had been washed away meaning the beach was nearly 3ft lower than the previous year. Loading into the venue was a different ball game. The event times also happened to fall on the same weekend as an extra high tide.