Priory Park Festival 2017, Music, Food and Arts Festival

Priory Park, Chichester

In July 2017, DPS were contracted to supply sound, lighting and staging for the Priory Park Festival.

Working alongside Creative Director Simon Hanning, Dynamic Production Solutions brought together a family friendly festival for 3 days of fun!

The DPS team were onsite for 5 days in total, day one saw the build of an 8x6m Arc roof, with PA wings and a half meter height extension to give the roof more presence. The staging platform was built 1m high with screw jacks to ensure the performance space was level. For artist and crew access DPS built a ramp to come of the upstage right hand corner. With a 180 degree corner the ramp came back on its self, meaning it finished right next to Monitor work on the upstage left position.

The audio department made use of DPS’s D.A.S Audio, Event 210A Line array. 8 elements were deployed at Chichester’s priory park festival, along with 4 Event 218A double 18” Subwoofers. Directly opposite the stage area was a church, DPS designed the arrays angle and splay to keep as much noise away from the church to reduce any kind of audio slap back.

The DAS system was used to mix many acts over the weekend, including Georgie Fame, Deborah Bonham, The Christians, S Club and Tony Christie. All had great things to say about the Event210 Line Array with many adding it to their touring rider as an accepted option.

Front of House control came down to the extremely powerful and versatile Allen & Heath DLive S5000 Console. With an impressive range of feature and easy to use interface, the DLive is the obvious choice for festival format events. Touring engineers found the desk very quick to use and simple to understand which meant they could spend more time focusing on the mix rather than how to use the desk! The Allen & Heath DLive is a firm favourite with the whole team at DPS.

On the other end of the multicore, the monitor department deployed seven D&B M4 wedges on stage with an 8th box for the monitor engineer and two D&B Q-Subs for the drum fill. Running off 5 D&B D12 Amplifiers there was no shortage of headroom on stage. For monitor control DPS deployed the Allen & Heath GLD112 surface. The GLD is another firm favourite with the DPS team, boasting a range of features that make it the ideal monitor desk.

In the world of Lighting DPS supplied a range of fixtures to give varying effects for the varied acts on stage over the weekend.

Front light was supplied by Thomas PAR64 Par cans, run of Zero88 Betapack 3 dimmers. Effects on stage included beam 200 moving heads, High End System beam PC, Miltec Batten 2s, Prolights Cob Pars and Showtec Sunstrips.

Controlling the lights from the Front of House position was a Zero88 FLX...

...And a very happy George!