Time2Shine! Gospel XFactor style TV talent show

The Back Stage Centre, Purfleet

The year is 2014, the brief was to light a venue for a series of auditions that were to span a week. The venue was the Back Stage Centre, Purfleet.

Under the instruction of Lighting Designer (LD), Mick Bennell the DPS team set about installing a flexible large lighting rig that would allow the LD to produce many looks. As the venue was built as a training facility it had much of the rigging required, already installed. We just needed to add in a few extra truss bars to achieve the LDs vision.

With Robe Pointe’s, MAC 700s, DTS NRGs and DTS Titan RGBA Par Cans creating the colours and movements. 2000 & 1000W Fresnels and Par 64 Parcans gave the stage wash and ETC Source Four Profiles were static key lights. Three follow spots picked out individuals and a coloured start cloth created the perfect backdrop.

Controlling the show was an Avolites Expert Moving Light Controller for the lights and a Green Hippo Media server for the star cloth. Many complicated scenes were programed into the desk for various shots, all needing to be recalled at a moment’s notice as soon as the LD gave called the cue.

The stage was set, the lighting bars had left the auditorium floor. Time to let those contestants Shine! During solo and double acts, follow spots isolated individuals in the room ensuring they were perfectly visible on camera.

During filming, different looks needed to be created for parts of the show. Including stage set pre show:

Talking to the judges:-

And most importantly…. Decision time!

Hackney Empire, London

The finalist had been selected from the week long semi-final auditions held earlier in the year at the Back Stage Centre, Purfleet. The final needed a special venue to house the live broadcast. Hackney Empire Theatre was the venue of choice for such an occasion.

Beefing up the in house lighting, DPS supplied a range of LED fixtures including Robe 100s, Prolights COB PAR Par Cans and Martin Rouge Parcans along with a range of generic fixtures.

Ensuring the finalist were visible for camera the DPS team installed a Robert & Juliat Aramis 2500W HMI follow spot.

Controlling the show was a combination of the in house desk, an ETC Ion and an Avolites Expert looking after the LED fixtures and moving heads. Yet another superb design from the LD Mick Bennell and a faultless performance from the team at Dynamic Production Solutions.