Watch Dogs 2. A promotional Video Production 2016

Bold Tendencies

With the upcoming launch of the Watch Dogs 2 video game fast approaching, Dynamic Production Solutions were contracted to help produce a promotional video.

The project brief was to create a drone racing track and training course in the style of the brand new Watch Dogs 2 video game for YouTube celebrities to compete alongside drone racing professionals.

Hosted on the 7th & 8th floor of a multistore carpark in central London, DPS working with artistic director Douglas Slocomb, to supply Maverick Media with lighting, rigging and power distribution for a video shoot.

YouTube trainee drone pilots had to first do some training.

The training room utilised 6 tight beam 200 fixtures designed to give the look of a laser from the cameras perspective. The aim was for the YouTube trainee drone pilots to navigate the laser course without interrupting the beam of light. It was a skills test to prove their agility when operating the controls of a drone.

In addition to navigating the tricky laser maze, YouTube pilots needed to show their fast turning skills and landing/payload dropping skills. For this DPS utilised Encapsilate’s 5ft florescent tubes, fitting with green filters to mimic the drone racing markers seen in Watch dogs 2’s game play.

Once Youtuber’s had passed the initial training, they were ready to race!

The drone racing gates seen in Watch Dogs 2’s game play look remarkably like truss structure that the drones had to pass through as a check point.

The DPS team built drone racing gates comprising of Prolyte H30V box truss section, and the Encapsulate green florescent tubes to produce a great copy of the Watch Dogs 2’s gates.

The aim was simple. The YouTube drone pilots were to navigate through the gates at speed without trying to crash. Whoever passed through the final gate first, wins.

As part of the opening sequence, the director needed to create a dramatic walk on shot for the YouTuber’s. What better way to do it then with smoke!

DPS installed some PAR64 cans, mounted to upright sections of scaffolding secured in Doughty tank traps at the bottom of a ramp, then filled the area with smoke from a Power Tiny smoke machine. All the YouTubers were required to do was walk through it for the perfect shot.

Check out the final video!